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Welcome to East Wing Spa in Tysons, VA. Since 2011, we have developed our team of licensed, dedicated, professional Massage Therapists. All of our massage and bodywork services are done at our relaxing spa. We have developed personalized treatments to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Our individualized therapies are designed to promote relaxation & healing throughout your mind, body, and spirit.


Massage therapy

East Wing Spa delivers massage therapy in a variety of different ways. Our team provides and specializes in the latest massage therapy techniques that include anything from Thai massages to aromatherapy and reflexology. Whether we develop a long-term holistic healing routine or you just want to come to relax, we got you covered.


Thai massage

A Thai Massage is a massage bodywork technique that uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along critical energy areas. These movements increase flexibility, relieve muscular and joint stiffness, adjust the skeletal structure, and balance your body’s energy system. The effect is uniquely relaxing as well as energizing.


At East Wing Spa in Tysons, VA, our Thai massages are gentler and increase lymphatic flow, improve sleep quality, decrease pain, and improve range of motion and flexibility. It’s important to note that what separates a Thai massage from other modalities is that this range of motion is highly beneficial for those who have arthritis and other conditions that may leave the joints painful and stiff.


Swedish massage

This is the most popular of all the massages. A Swedish massage is used to relieve muscle tension through different types of movements. During this massage, the relaxing strokes each serve a specific purpose, from relaxing your muscles to increasing your blood flow for healing tense muscles and knots. Swedish massages in Tysons VA, leave you feeling not only relaxed but revitalized and rejuvenated.


Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage at East Wing Spa in Tysons, VA can offer many benefits for those looking for muscle tension relief. It can relieve chronic muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress. Our deep tissue massages are not painful like in some other places. All ages can enjoy a deep tissue massage for a very beneficial experience.


Deep tissue massages work with trigger points. It is believed that trigger points are created by injuries, muscle strain or poor posture, and emotional stress. Sometimes trigger points can lie dormant and don’t cause pain until they are activated by physical or emotional stress. Massage therapy is a great way to get help with those trigger points.


Prenatal massage

Our professional massage therapists offer prenatal massages in Tysons, VA. They will be careful to avoid putting pressure on specific areas and use unique positions to keep the mother comfortable and safe while also having an enjoyable experience. Rather than spending the entire session lying face-down, you will be on your side or in a reclined position. This avoids putting pressure on your abdomen and disrupting blood flow.


For a prenatal massage, gentle pressure may be used, but deep pressure on your legs can cause problems, so we want to avoid this.


Prenatal massages can relieve back pain, reduce stress, reduce labor complications and improve your sleep and mood. 


Hot stone massage

Relax and unwind during this hot sea stone massage as the stones' warmth penetrates muscle tissue, releases tension, and promotes deep relaxation. Our hot stones are heated to a warm yet relaxing temperature. Our massage therapist will use the stones as an extension of their hands to massage your muscles. The feeling is both highly relaxing and therapeutic for the individual.


Hot stone massages can be very beneficial for more than just loosening muscles. Many of our clients in Tysons, VA, benefit from having an elevated mood and strengthened circulation from the heat of the stones creating greater blood flow. Hot stone massages are great for those looking to escape the daily grind and want to rejuvenate their mind and body. Utilizing the hot stone techniques can also help relieve chronic aches and pains that are getting in the way of your daily life. 


Couples massage

A couple’s massage at our Tysons, VA spa is an excellent way for two people to spend an enjoyable time together. It may be two people on a date or just friends hanging out. This massage experience allows two people to relax together and unwind. Get rid of your stress, bond together, and enjoy your time. The next time you’re thinking about what to do with your partner, friend, or loved one, consider a couples massage at the East Wing Spa.


Cupping therapy

Cupping is a type of traditional Chinese therapy that involves creating suction on certain areas of your skin using pressurized cups. Cupping therapy dates back to the 4th century AD in China. Cupping therapy increases blood flow to the areas where the cups are placed. This improved circulation can help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and form new connective tissues and blood vessels.

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